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Frequently Asked Questions
about custom digitizing

What is custom digitizing?
     This is the process of converting a picture, sketch, idea, etc. into a embroidery design.  It is accomplished on a computer using digitizing software in which your supplied idea is used a a template.  The finished product is a computer file formatted for a variety of embroidery systems.
What can I have digitized?
     Basically, anything you can take a picture of or you can draw can be digitized for machine embroidery.  Some ideas translate better into embroidery better than others. Some fine detail may be lost due to thread density, direction and overlay.
How long does it take?
     Usually 3-5 business days from receipt of deposit.
How much does it cost?
     It depends on the size and complexity of the design.  The minimum charge is $25.
What about copyrighted/trademarked designs?
     We will assume that you either own the copyright or have written permission from the copyright owner (a copy of which must be furnished to Eagle Graphics).  If it is a regionally or nationally identifiable logo, you must provide us written with permission - this is done to protect both of us from any infringement.
What do I need for a price quote?
     Send/bring us a picture (jpeg) of what you want digitized.  Be sure that the photo is as large a possible so the majority of the detail is visible.  We also need to know the finished size of the design, what fabric it will be used on and any other info you feel we should know.
     Most quotes are firm and will sent within 24 hours.  You will be notified if the quote is an estimate.
How long is the quote good for?
     30 days.
How do I proceed with the digitizing?
     If the quoted priced is acceptable, you will need to send a deposit to initiate the process.  Personal checks, bank drafts or money orders for 50% of the quoted fee are necessary.
When is balance due?
     The balance is due when you approve the sew-out.
Can I have the design in multiple sizes?
     Yes you can!  If there is no design editing required, additional sizes are available for a nominal fee.  If editing is required (usually not), a charge of $15 is added depending on the design and the size difference from the original.
What if I need to change something?
     Changes can always be made.  If the change is something different from the original request (and price), an editing charge will be added.


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